Friday, August 3, 2012

Kid Concerns

One of the reasons we find it hard to get a lot of work done on the house when we're in PEI (aside from the fact that we're supposed to be on vacation) is the kids. The place is a real construction zone, and hardly a safe place for a 2-year-old, 5-year-old and 8-year-old to play. There's lots of space for them to run around outside, but not much to keep them busy for long. Thankfully, my ever-helpful mother-in-law Gloria has been taking care of them a lot.

Today was the first time they've been there for longer than just a few minutes. While I finished up the bathroom tile, they played outside. So Chris got sidetracked and I lost my tiling assistant. But for good reason, I suppose. He quickly cobbled together a makeshift treehouse for them out of scrap wood. Andrew spent a long time up there with a pencil, drawing who-knows-what (my guess? aliens!). Behold:

Pretty bare bones, but young kids are easy to please. Andrew and Cameron also spent some time exploring the house some more. I could hear them in the basement checking out what all was down there and making up all sorts of imaginary things.

My latest plan for kid fun at the house is something I found via Pinterest and can't stop thinking about. Here's the inspiration photo: 

via here
 All over PEI you see these abandoned boats, from big fishing boats to little dories, sitting behind barns or in the middle of someone's yard. Now it's just a matter of finding one (ideally for free) that I can park on our property and fill with sand. A large enough boat could even serve as a play structure for them. Just think of the pirate games they could act out. Ahoy!

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