Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rooms taking shape

More riveting drywall-in-progress photos! Woo! It's been a few days since these photos were taken, and we're heading back up there tomorrow. I hope to find lots more work done.

The other day we dropped off the rest of the bathroom-building supplies (tile, grout, light fixture, etc.), and the plumber had finished getting all the pipes ready to start finishing the room. The new bigger stack was also in place, now properly vented up through the roof. Thrilling stuff, I tell ya.

The drywall was almost complete (installed, but not taped and mudded yet) upstairs, and they'd just started the first few sheets downstairs.

The front of the house shows the (ugly!) new hydro meter for the upgraded power supply. When we paint the exterior, hopefully we can paint the meter and pipe to blend in better.

Above is the gaping hole in the bathroom floor (hi there, down in the kitchen!) where the bathtub drain used to be, and will be again. They'll have to build the floor up significantly when they finish the bathroom.

One of the bedrooms, fully drywalled. We'll be sanding down those old plank floors. Tempted to paint them white, but we'll see.

Andrew and Cameron's future bedroom (in my head, anyway). I imagine a twin bed on either side of the window.

Very anxious to see what we'll find tomorrow morning!

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  1. Jen, this is FABULOUS! We just finished renovating our old house in Carp and it certainly is a labour of love! I'm excited to see yours evolve. Hope you're having a blast!