Friday, September 10, 2010

Off the Wall

Rumour has it that there is now all new wiring in the house, as of this week! My inlaws kindly went over to pay the electrician for his work thus far and they report that there is miles of new white wiring running all through the house. This is great news. Now we just need walls.

Or do we? Here's a recap of what the upstairs looks like right now (plus new wiring now, of course):

Since the next step is new insulation, vapour barrier, hundreds of sheets of drywall, tape, mud, etc., plus the labour involved, it will be rather expensive. Not sure how soon it will realistically happen. So what do you think of this (via Martha Stewart)?

Pretty, I think. Honestly, Chris and I talked about this possibility. We could make it livable so that we could stay there in the meantime. We're all family, after all - who needs walls?? I'm tempted. But we would need a bathroom first.


  1. LOVE the idea. Love it.

  2. Jen it looks fabulous just as it is!! Yes indoor plumbing is good! Todd and Stacey have an cottage in Alberta though with outdoor plumbing and Todd built a great outhouse and outdoor shower ... no one minds when it's warm out!! Love to read about your PEI piece of heaven, hugs, Nonie

  3. Jen - I love it!!!

  4. just curious - how would you hide the miles of white wiring that now apparently runs thru the house?