Thursday, July 8, 2010

Over Our Heads

That title is a double entendre. This is a flashback to the roofing adventure of last summer, but we were (are?) indeed over our heads in the figurative sense as well as the literal.

In my post about where things were left last summer, we'd had the old oil tank and wood-burning stove removed from the property, and had just managed to secure a quote with a roofer to replace the roof shingles. The roof was in bad shape, and had started to leak in the bathroom area where the dormer window is. Clearly, fixing the roof was priority #1 before we bothered trying to do any work on the inside. This is what the worst part of the roof looked like:

Barely any shingles left in many spots. We were within about three days of having to leave the island when we showed up one afternoon to finally find this:

Hooray for scaffolding! The weather forecast looked good, so the contractor decided to get on with things at our house (probably leaving someone else's interior reno waiting). Very exciting. He figured two days should do the job, weather permitting.

The next day we showed up again to check on progress, and found two lonely guys working very slowly in the extreme (for PEI) heat. They were about one-quarter finished and it already looked so much better:

We popped back over for one last look before leaving, and they weren't much further:

So when we arrived at the house last week, we were happy to see the finished product:

Lookin' good! Or at least much better! (Note the difference a mowed lawn makes.) Time to move inside the house again for some more demo work...

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